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Note: NYSCA Arts and Culture Initiatives guidelines are available on pp. 38-51. NYSCA/ESD Arts and Cultural Facilities Improvement Program guidelines are available on pp. 52-59.

The New York State Council on the Arts welcomes applications for arts and culture activities that enrich and strengthen community, civic and social life in New York State. Funding opportunities are available through the Regional Economic Development Council program (REDC) for projects designed to enhance and transform the cultural and economic vitality of New York State communities.

Arts and culture activities enrich and strengthen community, civic and social life in New York State. Successful proposals will demonstrate significant economic and community development impact that positions arts, culture and heritage at the core of local economic development and revitalization efforts.

Applications will not be accepted after 4PM on July 28, 2017

NYSCA is participating in two programs this year:

            1.     Arts & Cultural Initiatives Funding: Up to $5 million in funding will be  available in the following categories: Arts and Cultural Impact Programming, Workforce Development, and Workforce Readiness.

            2.     ESD/NYSCA Arts & Cultural Facilities Improvement Program: This new NYSCA/ESD co-sponsored initiative will provide up to $20 million in capital funding. This capital grant initiative has been established to strengthen tourism; promote business development, and improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of NYS arts and cultural organizations through targeted investments. This program is a co-sponsored funding initiative between Empire State Development (ESD) and the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).

Applications made to these programs are exempt from NYSCA’s two request limit. However, a REDC funding request must be distinctly different from a request submitted to another NYSCA program. Qualified applicants may make one request to the Arts & Cultural Initiatives Funding AND one request to the ESD/NYSCA Arts & Cultural Facilities Improvement Program.

Applications made to the REDC program are submitted through the online Consolidated Funding Application (CFA). To access the information on the Regional Economic Development Program and to access the CFA grant portal, please visit https://regionalcouncils.ny.gov

All required application questions must be completed and supporting documents must be uploaded before applicants can finalize and submit their applications. It is strongly recommended that applicants submit proposals well in advance of the deadline to avoid any submission issues.


All Applicants must be registered with Grants Gateway and be in Prequalified status at the time and date that the application is due. If you are not Prequalified at that time and date, your application will not be considered. For more information about Grants Gateway and Prequalification, please visit the Grants Reform website http://www.grantsreform.ny.gov/Grantees. The Grants Reform help desk can be reached at (518) 474-5595. 

If you are already prequalified, please check your vault status to ensure that none of your documents expires prior to the REDC application deadline. New to Grants Gateway? Visit https://grantsgateway.ny.gov  for information on how to begin the prequalification process.

2017 NYSCA REDC Informational Power Points and Webinars:

Arts & Cultural Initiatives Funding:

ESD/NYSCA Arts & Cultural Facilities Improvement Program:

Additional CFA Related Assistance

Click here for the CFA Application Guide

Click here for the Program Application Questions

For IT assistance, contact the CFA Technical Staff: Cfa-tech@ny.gov

General Program or Funding Questions: Cfa-Programs@ny.gov

Review the General CFA Workshop power point for general information and instructions: https://regionalcouncils.ny.gov/sites/default/files/CFAWorkshop_2017.pdf

For more CFA HELP related information: https://apps.cio.ny.gov/apps/cfa/help.cfm?section=all

Within the CFA application most questions have a “scoring tips” link which gives further guidance. 

Review our NYSCA-REDC FAQ document:


Program Staff

Arian Blanco, (212) 459-8815
Orin Chait, (212) 459-8835

Due to the high volume of inquiries, application questions should be submitted via email to NYSCA.REDC@arts.ny.gov no later than July 14, 2017. Beyond this date, we cannot guarantee that staff will be able to respond to inquiries before the application deadline.

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