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The New York State Council on the Arts is dedicated to preserving and expanding the rich and diverse cultural resources that are and will become the heritage of New York's citizens. The Council believes in supporting the following.

Artistic excellence and the creative freedom of artists without censure, and

The rights of all New Yorkers to access and experience the power of the arts and culture, and the vital contribution the arts make to the quality of life in New York communities.

NYSCA strives to achieve its mission through its core grant-making activity and by convening field leaders, providing information and advisory support, and working with partners on special initiatives to achieve mutual goals. Further, NYSCA's vision for cultural development in the state is reflected in the following goals.

Sustaining a vital ecosystem of individual artists and cultural organizations that supports the creation, presentation, critical review, and distribution of the arts and culture

Celebrating our rich range of artistic and cultural resources inclusive of diverse cultures and aesthetics

Encouraging artistic and discipline field advancement

Broadening public access, appreciation, participation, and education in the arts and culture throughout the state

Providing recognition and professional advancement for artists and arts administrators.


At NYSCA, our efforts are guided by our belief in the fundamental importance of arts and cultural expression in people's lives and a commitment to serving our three constituencies: artists, arts and cultural organizations, and the public. We believe that:

Artists are at the center of creative endeavor. Therefore, we are committed to providing artists with opportunities for artistic development and the public presentation of their work. Toward this end, the Council encourages arts and cultural organizations to work with artists to support the creation, presentation, and dissemination of their work, and serves as an advocate on artists' issues.

Strong arts and cultural organizations are vital to connecting the arts to people's lives. We are committed to assisting a wide range of arts and cultural organizations – small and large, new and established – to achieve their artistic, programmatic, educational, community, and organizational goals. As the arts field evolves and changes, NYSCA seeks to support organizational development and ongoing professional development, continuity of leadership, and improvement of professional conditions for leaders within cultural organizations.

Every citizen of New York State can have a meaningful connection to creativity and every community has a right to cultural self-determination. The Council is also committed to make the arts accessible to all the citizens of New York State. We aim to support worthy artistic and cultural activities that serve traditionally underserved communities or populations. These are the racially or culturally diverse, economically disadvantaged, people with disabilities, rural populations, and those who may experience discrimination on the basis of age, gender, or sexual orientation. We are committed to fostering public understanding and enjoyment of arts and culture through support of arts education, public participation, and lifelong learning programs in schools and community settings for children and adults.

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