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Sponsored Application Instructions

What is a Fiscal Sponsor? A Fiscal Sponsor is a New York State non-profit organization that applies to NYSCA on behalf of individual artists, unincorporated arts organizations or groups, or non-profit arts organizations which choose not to apply directly to NYSCA. The fiscal sponsor accepts responsibility to serve as a fiscal conduit for a NYSCA-funded project, receiving and disbursing funds related to the grant, assuring that the project is carried out as described and submitting the final report of grant activity.

Completing a sponsored application for new NYSCA support is a five step process:

Step 1:
The Fiscal Sponsor registers each sponsored request on the NYSCA website. To successfully register a request fiscal sponsors must, in this order:
  • Complete the Organization Information
  • Complete the Organization Budget
  • Complete the Registration Form
Step 2: The Fiscal Sponsor sends the Sponsored Request Form to the Sponsored Entity to complete and return. A copy of the Sponsored Request Form can be found with the Program Guidelines.
  • Upon registering a request(s), you are provided a link to download the Sponsored Request Form for the Sponsored Entity to complete.
  • The NYSCA website will also generate a unique ‘Project ID’ for each successfully registered request. Each Fiscal Sponsor is required to include the ‘Project ID’ as part of each Grants Gateway application. The ‘Project ID’ is also required on the Sponsored Request Form.

Step 3:
The Sponsored Entity completes the Sponsored Request Form. This form is a fillable PDF. The Sponsored Request Form requires the following information:
  • General Information on the Sponsored Organization/Individual
  • Project Budget
  • Project ID
  • Narrative Application Questions

Step 4:
The Sponsored Entity returns the completed Sponsored Request Form and required support materials to the Fiscal Sponsor well before NYSCA’s application deadline.

Step 5: Fiscal Sponsor completes and submits one Grants Gateway application for each sponsored request.
  • Each Sponsored Request Form must be uploaded as a support material to the Grants Gateway application.
  • Include the unique ‘Project ID’ as part of the Grants Gateway application.
  • In the Program Specific Questions section of the Gateway, please answer the Basic Eligibility Questions for the Fiscal Sponsor organization and the first two Standard Questions. If additional Standard questions appear please enter N/A.
  • All other Program Specific Questions are completed on the Sponsored Request Form. Please do not complete any other Category Specific Questions in the Grants Gateway.